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Member Details: Sigrún Bjarnhethinsdóttir

Date JoinedActiveProvisional Rank Achieved
2015-09-26 YES journeyman

*Provisional Rank Achieved: Data about teaching has not yet been entered into the database. Therefore these ranks have been computed without considering teaching requirements. Those requirements count and need to be considered to determine true rank.

Challenge Data

Form Knowledge Level Item Description
thread : braiding : kumihimo working kumihimo strand
thread : weaving : tablet weaving working tablet weaving
fabric : embroidered : surface : basic embroidery working surface/basic embroidery
thread : braiding : kumihimo competency kumihimo - green and purple, flat
fabric : embroidered : counted thread : assisi/reversi (voided work) working assisi stitch - napkin
fabric : embroidered : surface : split stitch competency split stitch - Rules of Hartwood favor
thread : weaving : tablet weaving competency tablet weaving - trim on apron dress

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