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Who We Are and What We Do

We are the Embellishers of An Tir. Amongst other things we do embroidery, needlework, painting, leather decoration, wood carving, burning and painting, bone carving and more. Any citizen of An Tir can join our Guild, and any member of the Guild can challenge the Guild Ranks.

We have a lot of fun at what we do. Come join us, and join the party!

Our Next Meeting: July Coronation, 2015

Our meeting at July Coronation will be on Saturday, at 11 am, in the Kingdom Arts and Sciences pavilion. Please bring a chair, a project to show off (if desired) and your lunch if you wish to eat it then. The meeting will end before court, scheduled to start at noon, starts. We will discuss developing regional sub-guilds with the ability to accept members and hold challenges, as well as other guild news. See you then!


Anyone who plays in the SCA in An Tir is welcome to join the Guild. Guild membership entails filling out and submitting an application (available here) and Guild meetings are open to anyone; member or not. As the Guild sorts itself out, a membership fee could be instituted. Right now, membership is free. Members are able to receive the guild newsletter in the mail, or delivered online in pdf form to their email inbox. Members can also participate in guild challenges, and rise through the guild ranks to become a Master.

Meetings and Challenges:

Guild meetings are generally held at every Crown event. Guild challenges take place at the Crown events and at various local events. Please see the Guidelines, Ranks and Challenges page for more on challenges. Also, if you want to challenge please contact the Guild Challenge Deputy, Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes and she will set up the challenge at a Kingdom event, or put you in contact with a regional challenge deputy if you want to challenge at a local event. There is also a listing of local Challenge deputies on the Officers and Members Page.

Guild News:

Upcoming Meetings:

Summer Cloaks, the Undertaking!

July-August 2013: We are working as quickly as possible to get the Summer Cloaks ready for embroidery. This will be done in time to distribute at September Crown! See the Summer Cloaks page for more information on this..

Email List:

The Guild runs an email listserver at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AnTirEandEguild/. Please feel free to join in our discussion there. The list is moderated to cut down on spam, and requires approval to join.

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