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Who We Are and What We Do

We are the Embellishers of An Tir. Amongst other things we do embroidery, needlework, painting, leather decoration, wood carving, burning and painting, bone carving and more. Any citizen of An Tir can join our Guild, and any member of the Guild can challenge the Guild Ranks.

We have a lot of fun at what we do. Come join us, and join the party!

Our Next Meeting: Kingdom Arts and Sciences and Bardic,

We will be meeting at Kingdom Arts and Sciences and Bardic. Time and Date TBA. There will also be challenges and, as always, a display!

If a regional guild head or guild officer wishes to hold a meeting at a local event that would be Awesome! Contact Magistra Aelianora, the guild mistress, if so.

Display at Kingdom Arts and Sciences and Bardic

The Guild will be having a display at K A&S and Bardic. If you have something you wish to display, bring it by with a 3x5 or 4x6 card with your information and information about your item. We'd love to see what you are doing. If you have any questions, please contact the Guild Mistress, Magistra Aelianora.

The Guild Membership and Challenges Database is Finally Online!

Go to the Officers and Members page to find out more and to look up your records!


Anyone who plays in the SCA in An Tir is welcome to join the Guild. Guild membership entails filling out and submitting an application (available here) and Guild meetings are open to anyone; member or not. As the Guild sorts itself out, a membership fee could be instituted. Right now, membership is free. Members are able to receive the guild newsletter in the mail, or delivered online in pdf form to their email inbox. Members can also participate in guild challenges, and rise through the guild ranks to become a Master.

Meetings and Challenges:

Guild meetings are generally held at every Crown event. Guild challenges take place at the Crown events and at various local events. Please see the Guidelines, Ranks and Challenges page for more on challenges. Also, if you want to challenge please contact the Guild Challenge Deputy, Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes and she will set up the challenge at a Kingdom event, or put you in contact with a regional challenge deputy if you want to challenge at a local event.

Guild News:

Regional Sub-Guilds

We have had a couple of proposals about regional sub-guilds, so worked up some tentative guidelines (see below) for such sub-guilds. If you are interested in this, especially in being a sub-guild minister, let the overall guild minister know!

Please note that the following is a proposal and subject to change.

The plan, right now, is for each major area of the Kingdom to be a sub-guild (e.g. Tir Righ, Western, Summits, Inlands, etc). If necessary those areas can be sub-divided as well. Each area will need a minister for the sub-guild and perhaps a challenge deputy, if the minister desires such. The sub-guilds should hold at least two meetings a year at major events in their area. More meetings than two would be quite welcome. The minister of the sub-guild will be responsible for organizing the meetings (and challenges if they do not have a deputy for such), running the meetings (and challenges if no deputy), taking in and recording and forwarding to the overall guild minister membership applications in a timely manner, keeping records of the challenges done in the region of the sub-guild and submitting such records to the overall guild minister in a timely manner. Sub-guild ministers should plan to attend at least one overall kingdom guild meeting a year in order to meet with the overall guild minister to exchange paperwork, thoughts, etc.

Most challenges can be held on a sub-guild level. If the work submitted for evaluation at the challenge is of an expert level (as usual, this is determined by the evaluators) then in order to receive the expert evaluation the work has to be submitted for challenge at a kingdom level, to the guild as a whole. This will maintain the guild on a Kingdom level, which is only proper, as it is a Kingdom guild. All other levels can be challenged at the sub-guild level as well as the overall Kingdom guild level.

The general rules about challenges, as given in the documents on the guild webpage, hold true at the sub-guild level. The challenges will need to be advertized, open to all and held at an SCA sponsored event, (see the details about classes on pages 3-4 of the Guild Information Handout). Evaluators for the challenges will have to be chosen using the same criteria as those for challenges done by the overall guild (see page 3 of the Guild Information Handout).

The rank of the guild member, after successfully completing the challenge or a series of challenges at a sub-guild event, will change or be updated officially once that challenge information is submitted to and recorded by the Kingdom Guild Minister or her/his Deputy.

Email List:

The Guild runs an email listserver at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AnTirEandEguild/. Please feel free to join in our discussion there. The list is moderated to cut down on spam, and requires approval to join.

If you have anything you'd like to add to this website, please email the Guild Webmistress.

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