Embellishers' Guild Badge The Embellishers' Guild of AnTir

Who We Are and What We Do

We are the Embellishers of An Tir. Amongst other things we do embroidery, needlework, painting, leather decoration, wood carving, burning and painting, bone carving and more. Any citizen of An Tir can join our Guild, and any member of the Guild can challenge the Guild Ranks.

We have a lot of fun at what we do. Come join us, and join the party!

Kingdom Meetings of the Guild are in Abeyance for the Time Being

The Guild needs regional Guild ministers and/or a new overall Guild Minister to take over holding meetings at the next few Kingdom events. The current Guild minister, Magistra Aelianora, is unable to make all Kingdom events from Kingdom Arts and Sciences 2017 until at least 12th Night 2018. Contact Magistra Aelianora, the guild mistress, if you wish to volunteer and/or to learn more!

Guild Presences

Guild presences such as the website and member database, will keep going during the abeyance. Any regions which hold challenges, for example, can send in the challenge results and have them recorded in the database. New members can join and be entered into the database. The website will remain up to date. The regional sub-guild in the Western region will have an occasional meeting/challenge opportunity as this is the home area of Magistra Aelianora. If there are other meeting/challenge opportunities available they will be posted here and to the Guild email list and FB page(s) as they happen.


Anyone who plays in the SCA in An Tir is welcome to join the Guild. Guild membership entails filling out and submitting an application (available here) and Guild meetings are open to anyone; member or not. There is no membership feel, currently, to join the guild. Members can participate in guild challenges and rise through the guild ranks to become a Master.

Guild News:

Regional Sub-Guilds

We are moving forward with regional guilds (sub-guilds) and are now asking for volunteers to take positions as regional guild ministers. There are new documents and revised documents detailing all that is involved. The summary is pretty basic: 'The purpose of these positions is to create and advance interest and membership in the guild and encourage members to learn new crafts and skills.' The duties include holding a meeting twice a year at a regional event, holding challenges at regional and local events, and getting paperwork (membership forms, challenge results) in to the overall guild minister and/or webminister to have the information put into the guild database. Please consider volunteering for a regional position!

Guild Guidelines And Documents Have Been Revised

The main guild guideline document has been edited to mention regional guilds and to put in our guild badge and new motto! The embellishment forms list has not changed; a clarification about possibly non-period forms has been added. There is a new how-to about running challenges, and a new very short guideline for the regional guild minister positions. A new form for reporting challenges, much shorter and easier, has been added. All the above as of 8 March 2017.

Guild Motto has been Decided!

The motto is 'It Needs a Little Something…'

Colors for Guild Ranks Have Been Decided

The colors for indicating guild rank have been decided. They are as follows: Member: nothing, Junior Student: blue, Senior Student: green, Journeyman: red, Craftsman: purple, Artisan: black. For more about this see the guild ranks and guidelines page or the guild guidelines pdf.

The Guild Membership and Challenges Database is Finally Online!

Go to the Officers and Members page to find out more and to look up your records!

Other Online Resources

Email List

The Guild runs an email listserver at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AnTirEandEguild/. Please feel free to join in our discussion there. The list is moderated to cut down on spam, and requires approval to join.

Facebook Group

Kingdom Guild

The Guild has a new Facebook Group at The Embellishers' Guild of An Tir (https://www.facebook.com/groups/160308191124234/).

Regional Guilds

There are also two regional Facebook Groups for the Embellishers' Guild: The Embellishers' Guild of An Tir, Summits (https://www.facebook.com/groups/387358534965702/), and The Insula Magna Embellishers' Guild (https://www.facebook.com/groups/861355940611957/).

If you have anything you'd like to add to this website, please email the Guild Webmistress.

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